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Best CAD Software AutoCAD

What is the best CAD software for you? Izit AutoCAD, ZwCAD, BricsCAD, Solidedge or … and the list goes on. Firstly one need to determine if you need to represent your drawing in 2 or 3 dimension. If you are producing simple floor plan layout or electrical schematics or Process & Instrumentation Diagrams, then all you need is a 2 dimension drawing.

If you require 3 dimensional drawings like modelling a building or mechanical part, then there are two categories of CAD software that you can consider. One is a generic 3 dimensional software and one is a specialized 3D software that is customized to your industry. So what is the best CAD software to use?

Best CAD software to use

Things to consider when choosing the best CAD software to use.

  1. Are you required to conform to corporate or government standards for submitting or sharing drawing files with them? You may not have much say in this matter then, however many CAD software is able to output or saveas to other CAD file format. Complications arise when older software cannot read new version files. Fidelity is also a concern
  2. Employees skill or knowledge of the software. Most employees are knowledgeable and able to use common CAD software. Upskilling them quickly and also hiring people can be an expensive and time consuming task.
  3. CAD Perpetual license versus subscription license. If you need to stay current with the industry in terms of file exchanges and manpower, then it is best to go for the subscription paying model.

Software from Autodesk like AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor are widely used in Malaysia and are also taught in schools, colleges and Universities. AutoCAD and Revit is the best CAD software to use in Malaysia as they are widely used and is also considered the defacto CAD standard. Read more about What is AutoCAD here.