First Post

Third lock down in 15 months. Cool rainy day on 12th June, 2021. Third or more attempt to get this blog going – whois counting :). It’s almost a year since I leased from Exabyte. Was going to give it up and put effort into creating another new website to complement our existing website. Why izit? WIll blog about it on another post.

Was I going to use a theme and if so which one of the numerous ones available? So much time is spent exploring and testing with no decision made. Finally said, the heck with it – choose the simplest one that will have fast speed results on Google Pagespeed Insights.

Another factor that slowed my progress was the time spent learning about Guttenberg blocks for WordPress editing. My first website was created using Avada theme for WordPress. It was fantastic when I started using it. It had so many bells and whistles and was easy to use. Like a child in a candy store, I loaded up on plugins or addon programs for different functionality. All great until Google said your page would not be prioritized in organic Google search if it is slow. Look for plugins to optimize the plugins and themes and the viscous cycle continued. What a laugh.

Technically, this is my second “post”. The first was cracking my head to change the sample home page to Izit homepage contents. Starting to question if this Neve theme I chose is right as it still have too many unnecessary things and worst, a pro version. I just need a simple basic theme.. arrrrr.

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